How to do makeup - tips from top movie make-up artists

If you want to know the best practices for makeup, then it only makes sense to learn from the best. Now you have the opportunity to learn how to do makeup from one of Hollywood's top makeup artists. There are literally thousands of books and magazines that attempt to tell you how to do makeup, but how many actually SHOW you with detailed instructional videos? The answer is very few. Now take those 'very few' and ask yourself how many of those work on movie stars and are the very best at designing looks and applying makeup? The answer is none - until today.

What if you could receive direct instruction from the makeup artist that has worked directly with stars such as Halle Berry, Rene Russo, Hilary Swank, Krysten Kreuk, Salma Hayek:..just to name a few? Now you DO have that opportunity to learn and ask questions directly.

Have you been considering having permanent makeup but didn't know where to go for information? Would you like to discuss the procedure with people that have the information at their fingertips and are happy to discuss it with you? Join in our active forums and ask the questions you want answered. See videos of procedures for permanent makeup. While this may BE the best solution for you, there are questions you should always ask BEFORE undergoing any permanent makeup process. Before doing anything permanent, do you have all the information that might change your decision from guessing to being the RIGHT decision?

In recent years, mineral makeup has made huge inroads into the cosmetic industry, look Lagicam. Understanding why and what the benefits to you are, could influence the choices you make when selecting various brand names. Do you understand the difference between dry and wet application and how it affects the way you blend the mineral makeup? Have you been shown exactly how blending makeup should be executed? As with all the arts, if you start out with bad habits these will become ingrained into your execution methods for applying makeups. Invest in your future today by learning the basics of good technique. Let a leading Hollywood makeup artist SHOW you how to apply mineral makeup..

Unless you are shown how to apply eye makeup the correct way, you run the risk of looking like your mother. If you are genetically blessed, this may not be a bad thing but do you really want to look that dated? Most of us learn how to apply our eye makeup from our mothers - whose cosmetic routine may not have changed in the last twenty years - or we learn from school friends, who learned it from their mothers.

Either way, you are probably not using the natural beauty you have to the best advantage. A raw diamond looks exactly like a piece of tumbled - and worthless - glass. However if you take the time to shine certain facets or features, men have been known to die over such beauty! You COULD take a shoe-brush to polish that rough diamond, but that would be the wrong technique. If you took some diamond-powder and a soft cloth, those facets would flash fire from their surfaces. Like those raw diamonds, you need to know how to apply eye makeup the correct way for your inner beauty to flash from your eyes.

There are many beauty treatments that make outrageous claims - some even claiming to be the equivalent of face-lifts in a bottle?! You will probably have noticed that cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies are not held to the same standards of direct honesty that most people expect in every day life? There are also many anti-aging treatments that skirt the edges of truth while many ARE very effective.

So how do you determine which ones work and which ones simply WISHED they worked the way they claim? If you wanted to know if an engine was good, you would go to a car mechanic. If you want to know if certain anti-aging treatments work you should go to a professional that uses them every day at the top end of the movie industry.

It isn't easy to know - just from the manufacturers claims - which products actually succeed in providing effective anti-aging treatments. Save yourself time and money by asking our makeup experts what they really use on the movie sets. After all, when some artists today command twenty million dollars - and more - per movie, they can afford the VERY best of everything. And when it is their face being projected twenty feet tall in the movie theater, you know that they are not going to cut corners with the makeup that is being applied to their faces.

Learn directly from makeup artists that apply and create the looks for all the movie stars of today. There is no substitute to getting the information direct from the horses mouth. Join the active forums and SEE what the real truth is behind the glossy world of Hollywood movies.