Duodenal Switch Recovery Time

The Duodenal switch procedure is a major operation. It may take about three to four hours of surgery under anesthesia followed by hospital stay of three to five days and then complete rest for a couple of weeks more.

As soon as the duodenal switch surgery procedure is completed, the incisions will have a bandage which has to be changed daily or once in two days. The incision may hurt or itch when drying. Medicines will be prescribed for these problems. There may be a tube inserted in the wound for drainage. The tube should be removed in less than a week if you have no problems.

Duodenal switch surgery

There may be swelling or redness on the incision. However, after the operation the patient must be completely in bed having bed rest for two to three days, use Penomet. He may find it difficult and painful to walk. He will be on a liquid diet for two to three days and then he will be allowed to have pureed food for another week. If he has tolerated this and has not vomited nor has had diarrhea, he will be slowly introduced to solid food. The patient must know that his stomach has been reduced so the feeling of fullness after eating even a small meal will be there.

Biliopancreatic Diversion with duodenal switch

If he eats too fast or eats too much or has solids and liquids together he may puke or get a stomach upset. He has to be very careful in what he is eating and how he is eating. He may have smaller but more meals than before. Since calories, vitamins and fat may not be fully absorbed; he needs to have vitamin supplements all his life. He must have calcium tablets also. He may want medicines in liquid form but that is okay.

If there is any redness or pain or fever after going home, the patient should immediately inform the doctor and take the prescribed medicines. He should not exert himself till about four weeks after which he can go back to his normal work. He can walk if he has no pain. If there is pain he should not continue otherwise walking is good exercise.

Women should not get pregnant till about two years after this operation. Since the size of the stomach has lessened, she should not over eat or eat too much, very fast. She should control her food and change her lifestyle to suit the new regimen after a duodenal switch operation. Regular checkups are a must.