Attachment parents, pls read, especially Cath..

Paulino Q Asked: Attachment parents, pls read, especially Cath..?

Last night I posted a question and someone gets on here and tells me I am not really AP. I am hurt. Is this just one ignorant person or is this how you all think? I personally own several AP books, all of which I have read, and Dr. Sears actually advises moms in the Attachment Parenting book to take a shower even if baby fusses. So my problem and the reason I posted, is that my dd does not just fuss, she screams, and it's hard to hear.

Besides that, he also says it is not all or nothing approach and you do what works for you. So why does that sound good in theory but I then can't be accepted as AP?

I had my daughter naturally, no medicine, breast feed her exclusively, co-sleep (which the idiot on here assumed I don't), wear her when I'm not hot and tired, and always respond to her cries. I don't have any support and so I have to do what I have to do. Diet is the most important thing to me, that and basic health, safety and survival. Psychology takes a back seat to those things. And by the way Cath, or whatever your name is, I never said I don't wear my dd when I cook, I just said I don't always do it. I wear her in the morning and by 2:30 I am exhausted. There are times when cooking while wearing can be dangerous depending on what I am cooking, and sorry we don't eat instant junk food for the sake of ap! That's not a wise attachment philosophy.

You overlooked the fact that I said I wore her all the time the first three months and that I'm tired now. So because she takes a nap in the bed and I don't hold her, I'm not ap? Even though I nurse her to sleep and respond if she cries? There are plenty of ap moms who can't do that! I have a five year old with autism, should I neglect him for fear of damaging my dd, which probably won't be the case? And by the way, she naps in MY bed, and sleeps with us. My son slept with us for four years. Get a clue Ms. AP! It sounds like you could use a tutorial on "Balance."